Chinese Browser MMORPGs are All the Same

In my opinion Nova Genesis is a fine example of a style and story destroyed by ‘events’ and other distractions for the drug-wrecked and mentally retarded by the drg-wrecked and mentally retarded.


If you’ve ever played a Chinese browser MMORPG, you’ve likely played them all. Whether it’s the heavily advertised, and oddly popular, League of Angels or the more obscure Shadowbound, the simple fact is that all of these browser based MMOs developed in China are basically the same exact game. They’re built off the same engine and feature almost the same exact game mechanics. The easiest way to spot one of these games is to simply look up at the top left corner of the screen. If you see a “battle ranking” or “battle rating”, you’re most certainly playing a Chinese developed web game.

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Frauds In The Martial Sciences……

I came here during a research on a different topic. I am 44 years old, have survived the cold of one winter sleeping on asphalt (as a bum in our supposedly criminal scene), and was a small-scale criminal for around 3 or 4 decades of my lifespan. I stopped, when love and duty became better values to me.

People like Marc ‘Animal’ McYoung, Tony Blauer and so forth, are by now OLD. They are off the streets, where the real crimes and the real killings happen. They have the ambition to sell their ‘convenient solutions’, which does tweak their own judgment a little bit (proven by science).

One reason no martial arts will be a guarantee in self-defense is that it cannot block, dodge, or parry any form of poison or disease. Half the people disagreeing are homosexuals who are just too ill-informed to understand that their narcissistic need for attention is legitimate, but as well a progressing mental illness getting dangerous to themselves and others.

The other is immature and ignorant people needing to reinforce their own delusions and prejudices. A human factor, for those who shun the work to really discipline and develop themselves WILL always need excuses and postures.

My main reason for hating the fakes & frauds on certain topics is that they know they are sending people towards certain death, dire mutilation, and costly abuse.

I agree with attempts alike:

Still that does not make me an expert on street-survival, crime-prevention, or martial arts. And my own most respected teacher was Dieter Knüttel, by now Grandmaster and ‘Bundestrainer’ of Modern Arnis, an armed filipino martial art. I prefer Muay Thai based stuff though. My best MMA teacher so far was a wanted murderer from Poland, who was among the bunch of bums I had to survive with. He was half my weight and nearly crushed my spine with the ease of a ‘throwing technique’ applied properly. But he is imprisoned now.

The bad news is: I have no martial arts product to sell, so those who want to fall prey to me must purchase my poetry ebook or click ‘gift me a coffee’ on my pseudo-landing page.

A good martial artist will know how to save lives, and not just how to cripple and end them!

The Instinctive Edge™

close-up-angled-elbow-posterized and fescoed

Okay there are literally con men and women in all walks of life.  This is also true in the Martial Sciences.  While the majority of martial practitoners are not frauds.  They certainly are out there.  We have all met that guy or gal who simply has too good of a story about their training in the Martial Sciences. (at least most of us have)  Usually when it is too good to be true then it probably is.  As a practitioner you owe it to yourself to know who you are training with.  Before you train with somebody do a little research.  Look into their background in the Martial Sciences.  Find out who they have trained with and see if you can interview or talk to any of their current students.  Even more importantly look online to see if they have ever been arrested.  Training with someone is a big deal on…

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5 Ways to Boost Your Resilience

While I disagree with point 1 it still summarizes some basics.

Health Psychology Consultancy

Five Ways to Boost Your Resilience

Life rarely conforms to the course we plan; events, usually beyond our control, often conspire to create periods of hardship. How we react to traumatic experiences, be it the loss of employment, serious illness, or even the death of a loved one, significantly affects the quality of your life moving forward.
Resilience is the ability to recover from these traumatic life changing experiences and move on with your life. While some people seem to have resilience ingrained into their personalities, others need to make a concerted effort to build their resilience. This article provides 5 tips to cultivate the spirit of resilience to enable you to come out on top when faced with challenging life experiences.
1. Have a support System
Human beings, by design, are social animals. Even in the best of times, we tend not to thrive in isolation. Therefore, when faced…

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