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More or less emerging simultaneously with the release of Vampire: the Masquerade (the two games being published within a month or two of each other), Kult hit the RPG scene at just the right time to ride the wave of horror games focused on pessimistic modern-day settings, though it came from a very different angle compared with White Wolf’s output. Whereas Vampire and its offspring cast the player characters as entities set apart from the common run of humanity, Kult was based around the premise that “humanity” as a category is broader, more powerful, and far more sinister than you think it is. Whilst the World of Darkness games tried to claim highbrow inspirations, Kult showed no aversion to embracing the most outrageously surreal end of the splatterpunk spectrum. Whereas White Wolf would occasionally try to moderate their content, if only for the sake of not losing sales (at least…

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Beschaffungskriminalität, Gelegenheitsverbrechen & Seuchenschutz

Beschaffungskriminalität, Gelegenheitsverbrechen & Seuchenschutz © Andrè M. Pietroschek, alle Rechte vorbehalten Der Stadtteil Altenessen Süd hat es hingenommen, das an der Gladbecker Straße Penner, Junkies und Alkoholiker angesiedelt werden. Das ich als Ex-Obdachloser mal ganz kurz darauf hingewiesen habe, das Beschaffungskriminalität und Infektionskrankheiten, wie zum … Continue reading Beschaffungskriminalität, Gelegenheitsverbrechen & Seuchenschutz

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Snake Charming

Originally posted on The Lost and the Damned:
I thought my progress might falter when it came to the larger beasts and characters for Conan, but I seem to have settled into my approach, so the first two were done over a few short painting stints. The giant snake…