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Quote: 'Ask my stalkers, they seem to know more than me plus all the governments of the planet.' ;-) I am busy learning the marketing of my first ebook for sale. My main themes revolve around: Streetwise, Insights, Occult-Mysticism, Life-Experiences, Relationships & Special Women, Fantasy Roleplaying or Urban Horror. I blend nonfiction with the fiction which made me handle it, or to which real life inspired me. What is in it: Comments, training poems, my presented cinquain, my acrostic poetry, and some former contest poems. Micro-Poetry & Contextual Poems. ISBN: 9788892532632 Attempted Poetry direct links: Offering my Iteki-Freestyle Haiku as a preview: Hasty Publishing © Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved Hasty Publishing, the chances slimmed to a minimum, haters rejoicing.

Chaos, Control: Four Poems for Uncertain Times

That was the WORST poetry i read within the last 2 years!!!


It’s been a difficult, tense few days for many in the US and around the world. But even — if not especially — when words fail us in our everyday lives, there’s still poetry. Here are four powerful voices on the uncertainty of freedom, the complicated process of healing, and more.

Ra, “Chaos?

These are the first tacos
after 438 days in jail.
She’s smiling,
focusing on food,
and freedom.
She’s ignoring the noise,
the flickering lights,
the customers in mismatched clothes,
the music,
the people on phones,
the cleaning supplies,
the smells,
the traffic outside,
the door without locks.

She’s smiling,
but every time she sees this picture,
she tries to see
the freedom.
but can only see
the chaos.

Visit Ra’s post to see the photo that inspired this poem.


Photo by Making and Marking, shared in response to the recent Daily Post challenge, “

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‘A wizard walks into a bar…’: 5 questions to answer if you want a cohesive RPG party

They boasted about beating Strahd von Zarovich with roleplayers, “but only I” dared to attempt beating that overtly glorified noob-leech with a bunch of gamers? 😉 And yes, it is onward, NOT oh, Edward…

The Dork Ages

‘An elderly wizard walks into the bar. He is clutching a bloodstained map. He wheezes, “I seek aid from adventurers to travel through the Labyrinth of Skulls, to retrieve the stolen treasure hoard of King Vaughn. The hoard is guarded by…urgh.” And then he dies still clutching the map. You look around the tavern and see a number of other folks present who might just be adventurers. Maybe you should form an adventuring company to retrieve this missing treasure hoard…’
Hello, and welcome to the ‘A Wizard Walks into a Bar…’ Challenge. The following article is written by the owner of this website in response to the quote above, and you are invited to participate. The rules are simple:

  • Copy and paste the italicized text into the top of your blog post.
  • Title the post ‘A Wizard Walks into a bar…’
  • Write an article about RPGs inspired by the quote…

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A Thorwalson braves Spookwood – The Dark Eye fan-poem, kinda.

Inspired by: Author Heidi Schmitt-Lermann’s poem “DER GEISTERWALD”.

A Thorwalson braves Spookwood, experimental translation
© Andrè M. Pietroschek, alle rights reserved

His loving wife could not accompany him on the quest,
she had to guard their home from any unwelcome guest.
Still the dread legend of the Spookwood was his path,
for no ghostly forest should teach Swafnir the ‘math’!

Armed with battleaxe and shield he ventures forth,
facing the horror of the night in the frozen North.
Because no horror of our sacred fatherland Thorwal,
could send more folk than cowardice itself to hell.

Damp fog suddenly arises, as if by dragon’s breath,
the brain assailed by raptures of dread and death.
Still unshaken the bold son of Thorwal marches on,
for a loud werewolf’s howl offers a duel to be won.

Berserk robber or moonlight skald it will be known,
unveiling a truth by combat as it’ll soon be shown.
The frosty fey, she witnesses like worried wives,
as Norse and werewolf foolishly risk their lives.

Indeed the Thorwalson overcame the raging beast,
a close call still, leaving the carcass as crow’s feast.
Now the ice fey nears, enthralled by her curiosity,
‘Behave, ghostly lady, I rest and bleed as courtesy.

Her lethal kiss, she considers it merely Rahja’s gift,
but Norse choice of duty before death comes swift.
To banish this ethereal visitor it needs a holy shake,
made from salt and warding oils of the mandrake!

The witch observes it with a smirk, this man’s way,
for this night it is not her whim to curse or slay!
‘I spare your life, if you’ll swear to me this night,
you won’t return here until it is by danger’s might.’

A man of honor the Thorwalson proudly takes his leave,
the witch watches him, then retreats stealthy like a thief.
Returning home he sees his armed wife as she had sworn,
That long night, dear child, we ensured you will be born!

Bär, Klabautermann und Papagei ärgern Alrik(s)


Zum Weltenblick

Das Abenteuer beginnt!

Soloabenteuer von Ulrich Kiesow


Die gute, alte Zeit! Lasst uns heute einen Blick in die Frühzeit des Schwarzen Auges werfen.

Das erste DSA-Abenteuer aus der berühmten Basisbox von 1984 beginnt mit einem recht schwafeligen Einstieg. Seitenlang beschreibt Aventuriens Gründervater Ulrich Kiesow eine eher simple Handlung, jedoch garniert mit einigen damals arg skandalösen, pikanten Bildern. Die Erzählung, über die Suche des Piraten Einauge und seines Goblins Garbatz nach Kapitän Graubarts Karte – hach, diese frühen DSA-Namen sind so herrlich albern – samt Überfall auf eine alte Frau und die wunderschöne Silvana, schafft es zu Beginn des Bandes eine gewisse Atmosphäre herauf zu beschwören. Wäre die Story nur ein wenig kürzer! Stimmung meint nicht unbedingt Ausführlichkeit.

Havena, eine teils untergegangene Stadt, Aventurien ist schmutzig und düster, ja, gefährlich. Dies ruft natürlich gleich nach Abenteuer, auch wenn diese Düsternis – obwohl Havena mit seiner Unterstadt freilich noch immer existiert – …

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