Semper Fi

Those who allow or commit the craven crimes did say goodbye humanity, welcome monstrosity. I can’t forgive GOD that a single one of them is still alive.

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

US Marine Corps Emblem, Author Institute of Heraldry (PD)

  • As of 2011, there were 203,000 women on active duty in the military; another 129,960 in the National Guard and Reserve [1A].
  • Men and women in the Marine Corps must meet the same standards for combat jobs [2].
  • Though the vast majority of casualties have been men, at least 33 women have been killed in action in Afghanistan and 66 in Iraq. Over 900 women have been wounded in combat [1B].

The Marine Corps has admitted to Congress it is at a loss how to protect female Marines against social media predators [3].

Secretive groups like Marines United and Just the Tip of the Spear have obtained and shared nude photos of female Marines and recruits online [4A].  Other branches of the service are not immune [7].  Hundreds of women are known to have been victimized.

Diminishing Women

This is a…

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  1. I, too, wish we lived in a utopia where perfect justice reigned. As a child abuse survivor, I railed for many years at God.

    Unfortunately, mankind is responsible for the evils in this world…not God. Perfect justice can only be rendered against the backdrop of eternity. Where is the “justice” for a child who dies of cancer? What earthly punishment could possibly offset the Holocaust?

    The world is what we make of it. Men and women of good will must band together and fight darkness wherever it occurs. We are not guaranteed victory in every battle. The struggle is long, and can often be discouraging. But the war was, I believe, won for us at the cross.

    Many thanks for the reblog. May you find comfort. ❤

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