The Satanic Temple – My contemplation

The Satanic Temple – My contemplation

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These are the seven fundamental tenets of the TST – The Satanic Temple.

  • One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.
  • The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.
  • One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.
  • The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo your own.
  • Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.
  • People are fallible. If we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it and resolve any harm that may have been caused.
  • Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

Satanism in this modern age

Decades of my lifespan have been wasted, endured, taken place in a society, which had all the scientific information available, but neither laws guaranteeing that we practice what we preach, nor a majority of people who could profit from overpaid academics and their work-shunning elitism and self-glorification.

We cannot breath money, and we cannot breath science. Neither is getting laid with them a form of good sex. Or of a fulfilled life. Due greed’s idiocy gone unscathed we have arrived in this so-called ‘information-age’ with serious environmental damage not just threatening the future of our own species, but actually contaminating and killing millions of lifeforms.

We have managed to drill kids who excel in school, or later at university, but for the price of life-long psychiatric treatment, as the way it was implemented caused tremendous psycho-social deficiencies and impairments, which are still oft unleashed unto whoever happens to meet such persons. They did not fail to be the idols of society, they were betrayed by the abstract believe and irresponsibility of their own elders, be it by bloodline or political establishment.

Making laws and institutions deliver justice instead of becoming bureaucratic obstacles opposing, undermining, and denying justice, at least to those who can’t pay the big money, has always been a perversion of democratic ideals in my own opinion. That doesn’t mean I would be flawless, or automatically ever-innocent, still it means we all could do a little bit better.

When I first visited the TST website I had only ‘It can’t be that much worse than the next-best La Veyian plagiarizer’ in my mind. The tenets I found are by far not the worst I ever read published by Satanists, or people claiming to be Satanists, and I was a member for a certain time of my life. More than ten seconds, to give a hint.

One of the core principles in magick is summarized by a quote. I add it here:

“Those who treat the art of Magic with spiritual contempt receive exactly what they ask for — and deserve. The true Magi are those who live Magic, and not merely tinker with it. Magicians are not made, they make themselves. That is what this book is about .” Quote from Dr. Israel Regardie

Magicians, even though the term is a very outdated and limited summary for modern occult practitioners, make themselves. Precisely what has always separated us from religion. That was not separatism, it was the nature and truth of the matter by the very facts. There is no extra-cushioned, well-dished time and place for us in the adult world of everyday life, until we produce that due our own work and efforts.

No more magick for the masses

Political parties, communal interest groups, and personal activism, which is received well by our fellow human beings, all have their own demands, their own rules, and their own expectations. We can face the reality of that each time, or flee into drug-crazed, or even proper, spiritual phantasms. Solving problems needs contemplation, education, and efforts.

I once faced that day, when renaming my crappy, crude efforts from ‘Attempted Poetry’ into ‘Committed crimes against the Muse’ seemed a very smart choice… One poem speaking of it, though superficially not Satanic:

American Dream – Extended Revision

© Andrè M. Pietroschek


We served our nation

faced all our demons

worked that old farm.

Now lets get us happy

as our hearts still beat

& our blood’s still warm!


Instead of expecting anybody to need or appreciate my commenting on the seven tenets of the TST I decided for this final comment:

‘Rejoice in every opportunity to overcome your own prejudices and ignoramuses, as the chance to solve problems, the chance to develop as a personality, and the chance to be an active member of the society we live in IS precious, and worthy of some work to maintain and improve it.’

On date of writing this the website of the TST was: