5 Ways to Boost Your Resilience

While I disagree with point 1 it still summarizes some basics.

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Five Ways to Boost Your Resilience

Life rarely conforms to the course we plan; events, usually beyond our control, often conspire to create periods of hardship. How we react to traumatic experiences, be it the loss of employment, serious illness, or even the death of a loved one, significantly affects the quality of your life moving forward.
Resilience is the ability to recover from these traumatic life changing experiences and move on with your life. While some people seem to have resilience ingrained into their personalities, others need to make a concerted effort to build their resilience. This article provides 5 tips to cultivate the spirit of resilience to enable you to come out on top when faced with challenging life experiences.
1. Have a support System
Human beings, by design, are social animals. Even in the best of times, we tend not to thrive in isolation. Therefore, when faced…

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