Snake Charming


The Lost and the Damned

I thought my progress might falter when it came to the larger beasts and characters for Conan, but I seem to have settled into my approach, so the first two were done over a few short painting stints.

The giant snake was the first of the monsters Monolith showed off, and it really made me take notice. I like monsters but I have very few actually painted.

A large curled up snake with orange spiky scales rearing with exposed fangs The giant snake is ready to strike

Painting the scales on the giant snake by normal means with individual highlighting would take me ages. I’m sure the results would be brilliant and the sculpt deserves it, but I’m still happy with what I got using a handful of colours and a coat of Army Painter Quickshade.

A loin clothes shaman with a spear leading a giant snake onwards The shaman controls the monster through dark magic

The shaman Zogar Sag was painted using the same colour scheme as his tribesmen. Given his very different physique and theatrical pose he should…

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