Dreams from within Ceoris 1.1

My Vampire Dark Ages Fiction, deciphered © Andrè M. Pietroschek

Written IC, from the perspective of chosen RPG character

Dear Magus Sachet,

wandering the dark halls of our spiritual high-fortress has become a dangerous ordeal to me. I guess all those whispers and rumors about some ongoing secret diabolism, and the members of our House who commit it, may have begun to spook me a bit.

My breath is heavy, and I am sweating each time more, when I attempt, to make it to our now-nightly meetings. I do not blame you, as your higher rank includes so much more duty. Yet sometimes I wished, we could exchange our letters in daylight like we did the last decade.

The new arrangement bears its benefits, too. One night I really believed that I saw Etrius himself walking around with his staff of adjutants and secretaries. It was most inspiring to be reminded of how much higher in rank most of us may still rise. Oh, if I would just be better-versed with creo fatum, rego Fatum and Perdo Fortuna…

Night and Silence, Shadows’ Friends. A decade before I established my heavily criticized progress on bloodmagic I had ranked on the path of eternal night, or Shadows, as the simpletons put it in their impatience. It did help, as on successful invocation the darkness guided me more than it blinded me. Creo ater, rego ater & perdo ater, in my lacking Latin.

Sadly though, it becomes more and more clear to me that the Shadows themselves whisper warnings, or threats, to me. Nightly Predators lurking? Could it really be that a fierce, stealthy killer managed to get access to Ceoris I wonder?

Anyway, my weakened stamina worries me and will force me, to invest much more energy and time back into recuperation and healing. I even remembered the good old Alchemy and Housewife herbal remedies… Yet no longer I want to keep you waiting for your recent key-topic.

Your observations and conclusions have quite impressed me. I was surprised by the astonishment of the discovery. You seem to see a unique approach to bloodmagic which I actually have never discovered myself. I fear though that is the toll which age and sickness have on my competence. Your approach seems to be more modern than any theory of Sorcery which I ever read or inscribed myself.

I am faithful to our arrangement though and I will put emphasis on the topics of bloodmagic for longevity Sorcery, as soon, as I can focus on practical sorcery instead of theory and research about it. My access to certain tomes is limited in usage-time and others I am forbidden to read at all. Further I am the Imbecile. My sad lack of skill for linguistics, the limits of my education, take their proverbial toll.

My only meditation about the suggestion which you made, and I expect you have made it for a practical reason, gave me a vague intuitive feeling about the need to experiment with a cross-combination of bloodmagic with healing and transformation.

Stupid like my 1st mistake, I foolishly thought, just for one instance, that you meant that there exists a certain bloodmagic-alchemy drink, which would actually invoke such a transformation in at maximum three nights. Oh such is my folly. Of course you, as a ranking member of impressive accomplishments, know well that Sorcery takes time.

Especially so, when used to produce lasting effects. Yet I have the feeling that I can soon join you up on your theory and that we may actually discover some spectacular results. All that schedule puts between my practical support and our first analysis is one appointment with another member from the conclave of darkness.

Much like you they came up with an offer of alchemist sorts. They foretold vaguely about a ritual and potion, which could stabilize my health and again my ‘in just three nights’ misconception. Nocturnal Coincidences like that seem to be the bliss of the moment.

As this letter ends, I am focused on Shadow Sorcery and eager to pass the test which allows me to meet this new acquaintance. Some whisper he is a famous guest who has visited Ceoris for many years already. FINUM.

Addendum (?) Add-On 1 – A hastily scribbled Note

Dear Magus Sachet,

my apologies for vanishing in the heat of ambition for some days. I sincerely hope that no compromising situation arose because of my late retrieval of your latest answer? I already contributed my part in plausible disinformation concerning the servants and spies who I must expect, too.

I participated in the mentioned ritual, and was actually out of service for three nights. Now, two more days after, I am very well. On the 4th day I still felt exhausted, as if my body had to work hard and strenuously to heal. I guess I have been much sicker than I expected. The ritual leader helped me through that, and we did spend some hours in darkness to discuss the consequences of the healing drought.

As respect demands I will serve as his assistant for a while, to pay back the enormous favor he has done me. My biofeedback just stays in turmoil. I had a fierce and bloody dream about … please understand, the fever.. About a vampire and eternal or abyssal darkness. After serious contemplation I am convinced that it was actually a splendid and lucid symbolism! The darkness symbolized our ritual and the creo ater and rego ater we focused upon, while the Vampire surely symbolized the enervating effect of my sickness and its really dangerous impact upon my health. Much worse than I had believed it to be. No miracle that horrid dreams haunted some of my nights.

I was nearly dead and my Sorcery has suffered immensely! Yet I am alive and breathing, thanks to my impressive and admirable benefactor. The Shadows whisper softer now, yet each time they do I feel, as if my new mentor could answer all questions and return my power with just one more ritual… Shadows and Bloodmagic, I never before suspected synthesis.

I will, for now, focus on replacing lost abilities by advancing via the new approach I was taught. Soon I may support you again. Farewell!

Add-On 2 – Letter to an appreciated old Acquaintance

Most respected Thaumaturge Sachet,

with this letter I wanted to thank you for efforts, which back in the past, I could not appreciate due lack of both, knowledge and initiation. You knew me as Bartholomew van Weyden, a minor adept of a sub-house to the old Houses oh so Hermetic and before Rebirth in Blood was discovered.

By now I understand well that your Embrace into House Tremere and my Embrace into the Clan of Shadow spoiled some of your original plans. I apologize for having failed to support you by my selfish quest for survival. I guess you know that my Sire would have not left me that option though anyway.

As more than a Decade did pass and politics have become a problem I have to watch out for, please know this. Hypothetically I would be willing to reestablish the old occult research as we did it in mortal years. Once more, how foolish I babbled about you in my ignorance, please lets laugh about it with no proverbial bad blood left between us?

I would understand, if your Clans reign puts you in a predicament of sorts, yet if you still follow some of your old roads to discovery, we may, to a degree limited by our duties and allegiances, return to the joyful study of Bloodmagic and Shadow-Powers. Finally. I leave the choice to you, as truly, my duties forced me into a new role which the mortal Sorcerer I once was could have never imagined.

I once saw a Jester mocking the topic. Sadly he was an impertinent ghoul going to far with it and was torn to shreds in the combat-Focused creo ater and rego ater which our hardliners are so notorious for. I became a kind of Prodigy. After horrible failures and hardly survived punishments I am now finally a self-sufficient and nearly independent adult once more! As far, as one of our blood may be so.

Basically, to remain modest and focused, the Bloodmagic I handled as a mortal resulted in an unexpected Anomaly, when I became a ghoul, and once more, when I was Embraced. Nothing spectacular, just that I quickly developed back in Shadow-Sorcery and that I was reborn with a gift which is harshly ever coming that early to those of our blood. I heard your scholars summarize it as the Blood-Power called Auspex.

I am willing to discuss my way through the last years, yet, of course and in mutual consideration, I expect it wise for both of us not to share any information about our creators or our bloodlines at all.

I had been trained and send to assassinate traitors, as part of my education and study. It was never as pleasant as in bardic tales. Duty always comes first now, otherwise I have regained my open-minded personality in memory of the good old times.

I am a notch more cultivated in practice now, too. Not good enough for the highborn, yet I can handle myself among artisans and merchants or simple courtiers. That includes keeping their daggers out of my back.

I am uncertain about the credibility of rumors. Though I hope that your own progress has satisfied you. I was rebuked quite harshly by some of the Tremere I interviewed to find you after such a long time. In truth, I barely escaped Final Death due one of your most intolerant hardliners in Prague and once more similar in Vienna.

Well, it gave me reasons to become tougher and faster. Isn’t it despicable how the non-spirituals compensate their deficiencies by constant violence? I still get angry when I have to draw a blade.

As far as I can suggest topics which we may use to revive our old acquaintance, I consider the Use of Mental Domination, The blood-powers of perception and the old approaches we already did as mortals to be a decent and modest, neutral and uncompromising start? I would love to read your evaluation.

Politics and Formalities may cost us some time, yet it should be possible to once more reach a state of mutual benefit. I would understand though, when you want to leave all your mortal ties behind you. I never did embrace anybody yet, still I know from observation and handling my own retainers that there are good reasons for such as well.

I know that you cannot believe me, yet I promise, I did not share any of my inquiries about you with my Sire or any other member of my bloodline. It is my right to attempt this though, as back in Ceoris we had legitimization to join your House as free and welcome guests.

As far, as I know, I did not violate any of your wards. It will be seriously helpful to you anyway, to remember focus on perdo ater as I once called it. Detecting of our traditional way of Shadow-Sorcery may be a notch more difficult. While I am inferior skilled with Auspex, I would remind you to use that gift of the blood in addition to your Successor to Sorcery which I know now as thaumaturgy.

One last rhetorical question: After the Embrace, did you face certain strenuous failures, when energizing by blood instead of will, too?

I know that it can be easily dismissed as thinking too mortal. Still I found that precisely that allows unique applications which are not known to reactionary or lethargic members of our Conclave of Shadows at all.

I have not been banned from Ceoris yet or such, it is just, that I feel wrong in just returning there. I plan to regain a new official invitation as I am no longer a Mortal Sorcerer and I would be displeased, if one would accuse me of such a blatant and crude attempt of infiltration or opportunism.

You have my best wishes and I hope that no change we had to get through would force us, to face each other as enemies. May that night never come. Farewell!

Another Note send into the Unknown

Weird Dreams within these Walls! Disturbingly lucid and recurrent. Especially for my new state of being. I craft copies of this, in case of my demise. The 1st night I couldn’t believe it, yet the mere bad vibrations and their effect on my improved perception forced me to invoke a ward straight in my own dreams!

By the fact that it made a difference I was reassured that the old and long ignored rumors about diabolism are actually worth investigation by the vigilant. Didn’t I once underestimate the clarity of my dreams about Vampires just as well? Well, I did.

Now it seems though that the precaution of those reborn in blood was actually just one of two flavors, whereby the other flavor seems more and more to be literally diabolic or abyssal! If I would be more superstitious I would consider it the vile presence of the Devil itself!

From that and my Ward I conclude that either some Demonic Sorcery is involved, or that somebody is really foolish yet skilled or desperate enough, to summon an actual Denizen of Hell. My competences are much too limited, to decide, whether such is symbolical or if a fiend from the infernal realms is present for real.

As I know nearly nothing about demonology and have no access to reliable research material at all, all I can do about it is to report to better-versed scholars. Congratulations, accursed Ceoris. One night back within your walls and I once more feel like the most foolish apprentice who had ever entered.

With the first shock passing, maybe the leadership has decided, to welcome guests from that clan which spawned forth so many rumors? Wasn’t there some talk about infernal vampires in Byzantium? How foolish I would discredit myself if all that really happened is that the reborn in blood welcomed one of those within their stronghold. Yet then, I read about the via diaboli and practitioners of that alone leave no obvious unholy resonance as far as I know. Could there be devilish magic? Does such exist outside of peasantry panic at all?

Relief & what dangerous delusion it may be.

Honored Compatriot,

I am relieved much, now that I have brought the secret meeting confirming the permissions behind me. It may seem weird, yet from all I know only the scholars of Ceoris embody the spirit and competence to handle my inheritance.

I wanted all my works from my years as a mortal Sorcerer archived for those of us who may be called successors. I found it was a proper way of ending that chapter of my life and showing gratefulness to those who had once helped me. If my mediocre approaches are ever needed, there will soon be copies of my books available in the libraries.

With that done and all questions answered, I have to prepare taking my leave though. To me the warning signs are obvious. The Tremere hardliners are seclusive and embody a certain siege-mentality. One which served them well against the Tzimisce repeatedly indeed!

They made it clear that time as a guest is limited, and under conditions. Truthfully though, I am withdrawing. Retreating from a battle I cannot win. I suspect that I somehow ran afoul of the Diabolists. Could it be that the Spymaster found my note about the disturbing emanations and the dreams those had spawned forth?

I will never know. I can still contact you legitimately via the gate of Lions on the Island. I would prefer though, to venture to Milano or Venice. It has been much easier to me whenever there was distance between my Sire and me. No blame in that, just that he surely is more politician than occult indulger. Yes, I fear my bloodline could cause trouble. Especially now that I did discover a secret which they demand me to share with them. Unusual, how I stumble into Blood-Alchemy from time to time. It has never been my field of study.

While it was smart to remain a political nobody within those walls of Ceoris, my focus on research and field-testing made me other enemies nonetheless. I am not sure, if it is actually about Oneiromancy or Diabolism. Yet I suspect the latter, as my senses and invocations have verified more into that direction.

I warn you further, not to trust my Sire overtly much! It is no secret to anybody I met that my bloodline has been guest at more than one Tzimisce stronghold and I agree that we, too, were trained to find it suspicious when some defect or disrespect a flawless ally spontaneously.

I have mentioned that to those who showed me respect and hospitality among House Tremere. Though remember, I am just a guest, I surely did not ever meet your higher ranks at all.

I leave you a note-book. It includes my conclusions about regaining Sorcery or similar after becoming a ghoul. I have added certain notes from the later years and my suspicions about the Transformation which we call Embrace and how it has to be handled to keep a connection to formerly learned basics. Embrace, for it makes me one of my brothers keepers… a weird statement of camaraderie and responsibility, wouldn’t you think?

If I survive the travels, I fear that a century of political duty awaits me. Sometimes it is a burden or toll I find unsuitable. Yet until now I only know of one mystic from my own bloodline who has any interest in furthering the understanding of our blood-powered Shadow-Sorcery.

Opportunity in crisis. Originally I considered the last principle you wrote me about a failure on my part. Later, I had to correct that. No, I cannot shoot bolts of darkness at enemies. I am not aware, if that is because of my own limited skill, or because of physical limitations. Bolts fired lose substance rapidly, as energy-loss destabilizes their matter and my control of the energy. I did improvise a solution though. Minor Progress, I can temporarily solidify the spearheads of my tentacles to become dagger-like.

To me personally it is enervating, as I have to invest extra effort and concentration. Yet I felled four so called witch-hunters with it where early I would have just managed to wrestle them and flee. Foolishly, as the concept of strangulation is well known to me. Still I am not yet really skilled in such and my temper took toll.

Sadly this means one more temporal dead-end to our combined research and contemplation. For now. I have to tell you about my suspicion about that topic. It seems your blood-power is more versatile in certain approaches. Or I am far deficient in Knowledge? In theory the principles work out well, yet in practice less than half of them seem practicable at all.

To a degree this must be due lack of experience, maybe for both of us. Oh and I did as you asked on the mundane definition. The term Jihad, as far as I know, is unknown as such among the reborn in blood. The term stems from Arabia and the Muslim religion known as Islam? Islam means total submission to god in some translations and Jihad or Djyhad seems to mean: Work for god when in peacetime and holy war otherwise?

Some could call me a heretic to the catholic faith. I am not sure, yet I remember our priests preaching against bearded devils from the desert and their mortal pawns. I was not surprised that they crusaded in attempts to free the Holy Land from them and I would not be surprised, when those bearded devils would soon roast on pyres either. Maybe retrospective that Atmosphere of Uncertainty is the aftermath of the 1st Crusade gone awry. I don’t know, if they are friend, food or foe… While I never visited Arabia or Egypt, I know warnings about the latter. Both spawn forth dedicated scholars and mystics, yet my Sire warned me about venturing south too much. I guess he was holding back the real important lore as usual, yet our bloodline does not warn if there is no real threat obscured and lurking. Fare Thee well and expect words to the Island Lion, if I survive the ordeal put before me.

Shades of Shadowy Sermon

‘The eldritch excerpt from Bartholomew van Weyden was seemingly continued by a certain Andiamo Guicciardini several decades after the original heretic had withered away. The name is clearly artificial and the writing, it seems to stem from somebody with very limited skill and education once again. It is clear though that the writing suggests that a cult of nocturnal heretics worships the ‘angelis ater’ or angel of darkness. This dark angel then, obvious to all theologists, another fallen angel: One more disguise of the Devil itself! Luckily though it seems to be a local heresy in Southern England. While the author wastes no words about his person, or reliable sources, there are several passages which tell-tale against the typical pagan witchcraft conspiracy. The author considers them archaic and atavistic, prone to self-destruction by provoking the holy Inquisition. We consider A.G. to be a fallen monk, or halfwit noble child, who, tormented by Hell and the shock of having sexual intercourse with the Devil, felt forced to unleash such unholy sermon about darkness being a sentient and sapient entity to those with certain talents. It is wise, not to let such writings be read by the Unprepared, as their innocent souls may really be tainted by beholding the Unholy.’

Dear thaumaturge Sachet,

in a mixture of sadness and joy may I report to you that the author of the note above was neutralized before his, quite appreciated though naïve summary, could bring the attention of religious fanatics upon us!

I would love to use it as backside information summary for works from my mortal years nonetheless! Of course such will never happen, as discretion is very important and my loyalty to my brothers and sisters is unshakeable.

It was my chance to play Admiral though. Valiantly marshaling my own ghouls to dare the journey from northern Italy to England. We succeeded and had quite some fun learning lessons in interception! This time.

Sadly though, I remembered clearly that the only ones possessing works from my mortal years are actually those of your bloodline.

Further I have neither ambitions on the Island, nor would I compromise diplomacy by venturing there uninvited myself! While I do not blame any reborn in blood, I am certain that some mortal magi managed to craft copies of my works and smuggle them out of Ceoris.

My Sire will soon find out and he will not be amused like myself. He will not be satisfied with my countermeasure as well. He will enforce to find the original traitor and neutralize the threat completely.

I will answer him that I would leave that to him, as, obviously, my competences are still not fitting and my diplomatic state is hampering efforts to enter Ceoris freely. More disturbing was that a mere Mortal managed to connect my old name to the false one I adopted! For such it needs Divination Sorcery or Divine Blessing, maybe infernal blessing alternately!

This Affair henceforth wasted everything I did build-up in northern Italy with one foul strike! All it gained me was a new ghoul. A ghoul unaware that my Sire will question him in very torturous ways soon, and extensively. No, I am not amused.

To balance this note though: I have found out, very successfully, that the Synthesis of Will with Vitae was just the beginning. Indeed I advise you, to instantly start attempts, which combine the blood-powers into achieving one specific effect! My Creo ater or rego ater with Aura-sight and as well with Psychometry? Both spawned forth formidable results in just some weeks of intuitive experimentation!

As a Mystic of my blood, I do have some allies and I do have value to my bloodline. Yet I cannot afford, to leave security breaches which go back into Rome ever! Many of our blood were former Catholics and only our own faction has mystics and ex-sorcerers who learned life as heretic before their transformation and rebirth in blood. I noted before “May that night never come.”

Yet, if I have to protect my bloodline, then it is my duty, the duty which always comes first, to murder any involved Tremere-Reborn in Blood without hesitation. Final Death, nothing spiritual.

I therefor ask your support in finding a flawless political solution immediately! Smart would it be, not to get our names involved into that at all.

I never doubted your intellect nor your prudence. Please ensure that the precious opportunities we kept going for more than fifty years by now are not wasted due some short-sighted traitor from within the walls of Ceoris.

If my Sire drags me back to Ceoris, I am prepared. Both, for duty and any punishment I may suffer, if I am found faulty or guilty, which I am most probably not.

My anger stems from the fact that I have better things to do. Even as the most imbecile scholar in decades. Well, I am a Mystic, not really a Scholar. My talent lies with the Empiric and the Practicable.

Born Shadow-Sorcerer and Blood-Magi. I know the looks of those who would dryly remark that my Sire could have tattooed “Inquisition-Fodder” upon my forehead just as well. He didn’t. And the one flaw my Sire never displayed was choosing badly when it came to servants and disciples!

Fare Thee Well!

Sexual escapades “inter pares”

Dearest Thaumaturge,

yes, yes. Trouble resolved, traitor felled. Diabolists were involved and told most insane lies in the chosen few cases when they lived long enough to dare it. Shadows and Fire haunting them to Death. Occult Persecution Complex as excuse for their own vile villainy! Bah.

I was on vacation upon a small island. ‘Inter pares’ was properly translated as ‘among equals’, I hope. I have no books with me, my apologies.

Well, my new mistress could do more than stealing my books and teaching me primitive joy though. Actually, I consider her quite an expert on Diabolism among the reborn in Blood.

For now, I only wanted you to know that the intimacy of feeling our blood course through both of us was merely an introduction of sorts. Vulgar yet efficient it made us discover that we both are very fond of practical experiments with sorcery.

She insists that all I need, to make invocations of invisibility work, is to articulate them through my Vitae instead of through verbal incantations which I would have used as a mortal. Can you believe it? I do since she showed me that she can even invoke one which made her look like my Twin!

Channeling I called it, when the mind sets energy into motion to affect physical reality. The concept is the best spontaneous hint I can offer. We worked much in those three weeks. Yet with Duty calling, I have to return homewards, even if it is, just so I can plan to visit her for another fortnight soon.

Among the gifts we shared, I found two of possible interest to you, too. First, I was told that Diabolists, not unlike bloodlines, have factions and schisms, too. A streak of hope that my bad dreams within the walls of Ceoris were only due a small local disturbance.

2nd, I will never be the same again. As sign of her sincerity and courage she showed me one of her own blood-powers, thereby as well telling me honestly that she is reborn in blood of a Diabolical bloodline I considered named Baali, or Children of Baal.

She summoned the Flames of Hell! No, I am not mistaken and not exaggerating! She summoned a direct gateway into Hell. When she made one of those flames hit me I knew that she was not overestimating her abilities either. The kind of burn could not be compared to any candle or torch, priestly blessed or not. The horrid thought that my by now reliable toughness of a reborn in blood could be easily overwhelmed or undone! And that her sympathy and affection for me were real.

If she would have held me in her arms while opening the Fire-gate, I would have been burned to death even before Hell could snatch me. And that is, what will always distinguish us from the Believers. They believe in a Messiah, a Paradise, a Devil and a Hell. We, instead, know and learn to know more of it.

I have never before been so afraid. Shunning a Flame and Fearing the Sun have been put into a new relativity. And she looked so happy in those flames. Deceivingly Happy may be. Oh, Lorena, my Brimstone-bride…

It seems another principle is unmasked. Like with our Bloodline, there are the materialists and the spiritualists, even among the Diabolical. Just that those of a specific elder actually have a literal pact with the Devil. A horrid notion.

Lorena told me her tale. From a harsh childhood as daughter of a Merchant-Prince from the city of Capua, tormented by her sisters for she was beautiful, chaste and smart, yet not the firstborn, to her time as a Nun in the monastery. The fateful night, when the Devil decided, to test her faith, knowing she was still too young for her to hold herself against the Fiend.

The Devil raped her, evidencing what he told her that all her faith and devotion would not make God help her at all! Undoubtedly that was more than mere bluff. And she fell worse, violated and disillusioned as just another devilish whore she was transformed into a worthy harlot in its image. I did not want to ask her the details on the Embrace for now.

Yet Lorena claimed, her Abuser was enjoying the enormous amount of innocence he could rob her of and treated her as a pawn for his lusts and ambitions for a while. When he finally lusted for fresher whores she managed to flee and started her live as a wandering mystic. Again, I did not ask for Details.

For twenty years she had been a hermit on the islands before we met. Or so it seems. Obviously her education and spirituality recovered, even though she told me that curses and not prayers are all, which the Christian Deity deserves. Knowing about witch-hunters, I cannot disagree with that statement completely. I feel a mental and emotional fatigue while I am juggled across the waves. I have much to contemplate thoroughly.

I wonder, if we could trap one of those diabolical Dream-Poisoners in Ceoris and do some divination upon that fiendish fellow? What secrets could be revealed by finesse instead of crude violence? Indeed, I do not consider all diabolism ended within those walls. Just the faction of my fans, who, paradoxically, turned it against me. Sometimes I feel very old…

Noted Contemplation: via diaboli versus via video nefas

I failed in writing a Brimstone-bride poetry worthy for Lorena! Again… yet in my wisdom I invested a fortnight for love and a remaining week for undisturbed research. Yes, I should invest a century into proper Latin indeed. It is just that it hurts even to consider it… I am the Imbecile among the Ex-Sorcerers after all.

Theory: Blood is just the Foundation. With the centuries many reborn in blood forget their time as humans. Therefor, among older reborn in blood, there is an ambition, to craft a Codex of Conduct, which allows to behave properly without constantly endangering hideout and fellow reborn in blood. As with everything else, it never takes long, before diabolical variants are spawned forth. Two of those I had rudimentary insight into. The 1st seemingly a recipe for criminal success, as the so called Road of the Devil is very materialist and impatient.

Now consider my surprise, when the 2nd diabolical variant, derived from oldest pagan, is operating based on a mystic-principal which all in-the-know recognize instantly! I am willing, to invest work into finding out, how much of the Diabolism we can exterminate and replace by proper mystical or thaumaturge guidance indeed! I have not forgotten, how the Shadows whispered to my mortal self. I was just too unknowing, to handle it better. I will not press focus to ‘video ater’ either, as I do that habitually on my own anyway. Yet what, if we combine some spiritual minds of the Reborn, to craft a Codex of Conduct, which helps to improve generic sorcery efficacy simply by avoiding the core mistakes we all make occasionally?

  • A worthy extension then could be, how combining blood-powers may work out easier. Who knows, we may even help our Bloodlines to gain a practical tool along with it.

Farewell, my most respected Thaumaturge.

Freedom by Betrayal or Freed from my Betrayer

My valued Occult-Observer,

indeed you know, what I wrote before. Did it surprise you? My Sire has a despicable streak in his ways. It is wrong that any of us pretends to be human, for we are absolutely not! My allies in Ceoris were always closer to me, than the one who enslaved me by Blood.

Despicable, how they mock and mimic our Sorcerous Cabals in their idiotic worship of elitism. What is “Amici Noctis” but a foolish separation from flexible Mystics of Darkness? And why does Friends of the Night sound like drunken Sodomites to me?

Because I learned Lasombra wisdom! We despise weakness and cull it from our ranks. My Sire postures the noble, while his ilk, the martial arm, should be busy freeing Iberia. He himself is a traitorous opportunist. My Marriage did not enslave me, as you may soon find prove of yourself. It did set me free!

I can once more focus on Mysticism and Sorcery, focus on what I care about and am skilled with, instead of spying and assassinating for the whim of a traitor disguised as Clan-Politics! I honored my hosts in Ceoris for a century already.

Now there is much to learn once again. Yet Blood-Slavery is true. The price for tainted Longevity comes in a loss of Sorcery, which no blood-power could fully compensate for! Indeed, I envied your choice, as Thaumaturgy is so much more flexible and versatile.

And Hubris everywhere! Even a child would realize that the Abyss of Darkness has nothing to do with the bottomless pit. But among Lasombra, there is an idiocy, a clenching to catholic patterns of worship and behavior even as they are proven weakness.

Our special diet is a dangerous problem. It makes us addicts to the mortals we so easily despise after being reborn in blood. And new whispers of madness arose. I harshly understood all, yet it seems that imbalance of blood-powers, much like overuse of them, leads to temporal mental turmoil among all reborn in blood. Like an inbuilt safeguard against over-ambitious opportunism?

I am afraid occasionally. There are those of the Blood whom I rightfully fear. Brutes and Monsters, older and more powerful, than can be good. Yet is it more than delusional, to still consider US children of God? Isn’t it clear that we fail to resist temptation whenever we get thirsty? Aren’t we nocturnal and crawling through the nights like thieves? I think we should be careful and vigilant, as Discipline and Caution are survival mechanism of our new way of existence indeed. I never mentioned it before, yet I found comfort in You!

The thought that if my path fails there will still remain those in Ceoris having my books, and you, knowing many principles and discoveries which I could share… I would lie to you if I would write that all my years had been peaceful and well-protected. Actually I learned the blood-powers of physical nature because I had to face the threats from early on.

Toughen yourself well, as both, the claws of a Fiend and the Spell of an Elder will hit you before you can conjure-up a defense! I am still not satisfied with my invisibility-research and testing. I will not forget, to send you notice about it though. Actually that blood-power is very fascinating. Its options so subtle and as if created for combined effects.

I have never known that many Tremere, yet you belong to the Scholars and open-minded Occultists who made me stay true to the approaches I started as a mortal. I fear though that not even the idea behind Ceoris is immune to Politics. Or the Inquisition.


Via video obscura

Dearest Sachet,

I have started to work on a pathway of scholarship and mysticism ready for theory and practice even among reborn in blood! I await your feedback on it, if that is not too insolent to ask for.

  1. Handle your nocturnal needs in a mindset of modesty and caution. Safety and Survival are needed to progress.

  2. Never endanger your Sire or fellows on the pathway by your words, deeds, and neglects.

  3. Practice the Arts of Fortitude and Obfuscation, as they help you in both, survival and discretion beyond your own limits.

  4. Practice the Arts of Auspex and Awareness, as other means to discover the camouflaged, obscured and unseen.

  5. Share Key-Principles and discoveries with those who walk the pathway as your equals & Higher Ones.

  6. Invest efforts to re-investigate the known for new options due your progresses through the years.

  7. Meditate in Death-Trance, and wrestle your inner demons, to fortify your personality against the risks of madness and despair.

Ah, so much to think into so limited a number of words. It makes me feel like a Charlatan! Harshly do I manage to embody the seven rules and now I shall dare to define an 8th? I would never want to make others depend on my limited competence alone. Please share your Insights with me. One final Warning: Our cult has a serious dislike to “Divide and Conquer”. Stay distant at best. Tactically Honest and Diplomatic otherwise.

Fare Thee Well

The Final Farewell

Deer Traumaturk Sachet,

yoo will not know me, as I am unimportant. I know though that my precious Magister would have wanted yoo informed. Don’t dare to send the Church after me, or I’ll kill yoo and betray all House Tremor secrets!

I wrote this on the 5th of Julliard in the year 1408. I wrote this, so yoo know that my master, once known as Bartholomew van Weyden & Andiamo Gucciawhatever, has met Final Death yesterday, due a craven ambush by the almighty Lord itself!

The coward didn’t even show up, made the sun do his dirty work for him. As my beloved Master wished, I send yoo his last gift for yoo. It is a grim moire? Well, a book it is.

He entitled yoor copy “Brimstone Bride & Brotherly Ritual Guide”. He must have liked yoo very much. But my copy is perfumed, while yoors is not! I must now destroy the hideout and kill myself, as without the beloved master there is nothing left to live for.

Loretta, the dutiful Lady-Ghoul

Experimental – Character Secrets & ‘Destiny’

  • Bartholomew van Weyden aka Andiamo Guicciardini. Portrayed by dear Nosephire, Picture used with Permission! Nature: Explorer, Demeanor: Sensualist. After his Embrace into the Lasombra Clan his secret ambition was compensating the loss of Sorcery which he wielded as a Mortal. A Mystic, Blood Magician, and Worshiper of Darkness he secretly ventures forth to learn contacting the Angel of Darkness or similar sources. Far away from Ceoris in its final nights he barely notices the rumors. For Life and Unlife he remains smart enough to stay forever outside of kindred politics. He becomes re-embraced as a Baali Celestial Apostate in 1294. In 1318 his Ex-Sire invites him to a precious nocturnal affairs ritual in Monaco. The invitation an ambush the underestimated Mystic fights back against his former Sire and wins by fortuitously surviving the Sun longer than his abusive Slaver. The Imbecile, badly scorched, returns southward to the isles and remains in torpor until 1356. He finishes a Final communication with his oldest compatriot-mind, creates a new nocturnal occult lodge and a revenant line of sanguine alchemists, then settles down with Lorena for “as long as it may last”. Believing that God calls him forth, to be counted, he measures his Darkness versus the Sunlight on his final morning, and is burned to Ashes in the Wind on the 4th of July in 1408…

  • Lorena. Nature: Defender, Demeanor: Traditionalist. Not even the existence of this reported Baali Temptress & High Priestess (Celestial Factions Nest Mother) could be proven. While some consider her an Ephemera in the heretical Lasombra’s Mind, she did actually teach and inspire him as much, as he taught her. Their love among the fallen real for a while. With the Wars, and the Purge against her Bloodline, she simply used her Obfuscation and Devilish Deception to remain dead and forgotten, or so the whispers went in the Mediterranean… With few Reborn in Blood existing in the areas around Sardinia, no Auspex-Veteran searched for a secret stronghold there anyway. Or survived to tell about it.

  • Thaumaturge Sachet. Nature: Rogue, Demeanor: Pedagogue. Typical for a member of House and Clan, he was never caught and when he came up with a clan-oriented version of the thaumaturge path of Darkness & Damnation, his rising in rank and his competences made nobody wonder, if he achieved it all on his own. Unsurprisingly he rose to regency for a while and traveled through Europe wherever duty lead him. The last known arriving letter addressed to him was reported to stem from the 5th of July in 1408. 7th of July 1408 he is reported absent from his Chantry in Tirol. Vienna loses blood-trace of him on July the 16th, when he becomes another Apostate. In the year 1418 an occult tome titled “From the Ashes of the Imbecile”, translated into Latin, English, German and Italian; Was published anonymously. Everything else about this Ex-Thaumaturge remains unknown, unconfessed, and unpublished…


Alchemy, or proverbial Homebrew

My truth had two core problems with the official definitions which spoiled quite a lot. Further the Alliance Camarilla versus Horde Sabbat was actually dumb and immature from my perspective as well. I do not care about the monetary, as it didn’t go to my bank accounts!

  • To the very best I know the most virtuous real world humans I had to spend my life with would have a maximum Humanity rating of 6. The definition was so flawed and hypocrite that it disgusted me from the start. Having played a Sabbat Lasombra with a path of enlightenment, Humanity was actually not enriching for Vampires.

    A rule I would enforce is that nobody learns the specific “Clan-Discipline” of any Clan which he or she is not belonging to. A Toreador with more dots in Thaumaturgy than any Tremere of equal generation (now called blood potency) is no character concept but a spoiling cheater. A nice reminding that being made of a certain blood means being controlled, and redefined, by that blood to a certain degree would have served well, too. Especially, as most clans are still direct pawns of the Vampire who created the clan. Or the oft unknown Diablerist who took over!

  • Vampires are clinically dead bodies, cold and stiff. Sex as something which is no fun at all should be reserved to those who enjoy their real world marriage in my opinion.

  • The Assamite Clanbook was one of the best ways to ever show a vampire Bloodline. It showed the stealthy assassin “we all” knew, the stereotype which made them notorious, yet as well the truth. That their clans’ brutes are guided by the political Viziers and the Sorcerers. The Drawback was that in a time of real world Islamic Terrorism and Extremism this Clan seemed the easiest way to waste your reputation and meet certain agencies of the State. Especially Minds Eye Theater & LARP.

  • Hellfire, a weapon of mass-destruction? The Baali Clan was badly presented. Its Discipline the key to defeating medieval Christianity and all they did with it was “Act like pale Satanic Orcs with Fangs”?

  • Setites were cool, as a unique Clan of vampires busy reviving their Founder while corrupting anybody else. Here was the Sex&Drugs crap which teenagers so easily fall prey to. With Typhon Seth, as Sub-Mekhet, all that remains is a crude Cult of Destruction. Set was a deity of Egypt and to undead bloodsuckers his reign was highly preferable to the Pantheon which felled him.