Neo-Shamanic wisdom in urban survival 2016, a green technology mindset of sorts…

Neo-Shamanic wisdom in urban survival 2016

© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

My title accepts the risk of a terminology which became defiled due drug-crazed sermon and sanity-defying esoterica publishings across the planet.

One life to save is always your own, and that needs only one spiritual note: The term spiritual is used, as opposed to psychic, paranormal or preternatural. It does not need magic, drugs, nor anything beyond science, to feel a need of stress-reduction, anxiety-handling, or simply a casual way of life by choice.

Neither does it need too much mind-work to learn from animals, and treating them as life-forms, occasionally dangerous lifeforms, which shared this planet along with us, until we began to butcher them and toxify their environment.

Neo-Shamanism does not need a cave, within which some power animal awaits alike a slave to boss around. People outmatched by such simple traps for the ego, mere hubris overcoming their common sense, just prove themselves unfit for the spirituality they claim to have mastered.

Some options neo-shamanism cannot offer anymore:

  • We won’t save the environment by ritual. It needs a load of green technology, thorough, hard work, and funding, to even attempt a ‘green technology lifestyle’ for the masses of humanity.

  • We will NOT be more healer than any worthy medical doctor or psychiatrist. One MINOR exception is that plenty of us have lived-through the same ‘lessons of life’ which bother other people.

  • We will not manage to side with the frauds and delusionals just to make esoterica a regular kind of job. Especially, when it comes to payment.

Unemployment, street-crime, accidents, surprising trauma, and similar remain topics for the prudent and vigilant adult of our age though. While science rightfully claims to do a more thorough job the same science is oft sabotaged due the individual academics limited or flawed understanding of scientific working.

Instead of moaning about the risks and dangers I point at the good side, namely that plenty of scientists share our interest in healthy environments, disease-prevention, healing aka functional therapy for body and mind, and a sense of fulfilment in our life.

Many years ago I once started with the spiritual philosophy of the Shaolin monks, as I stumbled across a book dedicated to ‘us Europeans’, and aimed to teach us that it is more than punching and kicking, when it comes to being properly inspired-by-monks-western-barbarians! 😉

On the problematic side of urban life, the city-life which made me use the term ‘urban purgatories’, we all are recurrently challenged with ‘the unexpected’, and ‘the unwelcome’.

  • Easy lessons: Animals (mammals) are damn often more vigilant, when it comes to sensing angry or aggressive people around. Their absence is a telltale sign of ‘something’ being odd.

  • Insects behave more erratic, when anger or atmospheric disturbances (unseen killers like stress, disease, or pollution) tend to be stronger than expected by human perception.

  • A ‘new’ form of so-called gang-stalking. Drug addicts, youngsters, and former psychiatric patients using their own semi-legal cocktail of adrenal rush, auto suggestion (plus mimics, gestures, and body language), and emotional fuss-making to influence witnesses or sleeping people’s dreams, alike a gaslighting or brainwashing from crappy old films.

  • One species to plague them all! Gone is the time of denial dominating the level of politics AND public awareness. The sun burns in a more unhealthy way, the air is not that good to breath. Humanity finally learns that the consequence their greed and selfishness unleashed IS already gunning for each of us.

  • True shamans drive no carbon-monoxide-blasting-cars, won’t consider ‘pets’ to be property, and true shamans won’t go vegan either. Each of it is defying precisely the nature which could rightfully be called their source of life AND magickal prowess and power (the beastial janitors of wyrd).

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To be continued… 20.10.2016


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