Cthulhu Rap Couplets

Cthulhu Rap Couplets in my 2013 Edition

Inspired by and based on: http://www.chaosmatrix.org/library/humor/cthurap.html

When he’s on da mike he rocks da place

He is that vengeful MC from outer space


Weird tentacles growing all out of his face

N unmatched nemesis to the human race


C..C..Cthulhu arrived in long passed nights

C..C..Cthulhu arrested here by weird rites


Cold-kicking in R’lyeh down deep undersea

He has fiercely evil plans for you and me


Ain’t got no bitch – ain’t need no shank

His dreams made torture seem a prank


An old-school McDaddy out 4 weird shit

And his crew, in effect, quite proud of it


That is not dead, which can eternal lie

N with strange eons even death may die


Mad prophet Alhazred wrote a line or two

Which that Necronomicon reveals to you


Unspeakable horror is coming your way

And when it does it will be here to slay!


Rapture your mind with that horrible sight

He’ll come to da hood when da stars R right


That dreaded knowledge has not vanished

Minds will shatter, but them get banished


Those Gangsta from R’lyeh are pretty hard

Start chanting that Latin they pull your card


Giving not a beep about life, but to be insane

Don’t quote me boy, or I’ll devour your brain


Their weird alien power is one bloody mess

Homies, to us that means insanity or death


Haunting Insmouth, Dunwich, Arkham, Maine

Da Cthulhu myth is worse than crack-cocaine!

Da = The

Mike = Microphone;

N = & = And;

Crack-Cocaine = A drug awakening cultists, forbidden by envious academics in a big conspiracy? x-) ;

R = Are; Pulling card = killing someone;

chanting that Latin = using banishing, warding, or neutralizing magic against the R’lyeh Gangsta is lethal business; MB = Mental Balance


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