Sharky – “Some like it raw!”

Sharky – “Some like it raw!”
© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

I feared your dark rise from Leviathan’s Deep –
Your wild moves disturbed my humble sleep.
In such dread I stared at your predatory form –
As for me you simply crushed the ruling norm.

My mind was drawn into the deep you prowl –
Bestial Devourer, Significant of the own Soul.
Once, long ago, hunting you became my test –
Great savage onslaught which I had to wrest!

Now that I look upon your fallen, lifeless form –
bloody on asphalt, still a sacred, silent storm!
Your cruel Death my failure, as by now I know –
Without you this life has just Hell left to go to.

Routine drains us all and by now it is so clear –
I killed a true friend, blinded by my pain & fear.
Hence I must be strong & now I must strike true –
For: Now I must be me and the very best of you!