Cthulhu Thursday: Top 5 best of Myhthos, Cthulhu and Lovecraft Film, TV, Games, Stories and more… (A Work in Progress)


A Great Becoming...

Before I begin… important announcement! Please support me in getting CTHULHU FOR PRESIDENT!! Update – we did it! Thanks all!


Anyway back to the post….

This post is intended to be a work in progress. As a big fan of Cthulhu related stuff, I get through a lot, so I wanted to put together a personal list of the best of the best Cthulhu, Mythos and Lovecraft related things. Feel free to comment, email or tweet me suggestions, but note it is a personal list, so I may not agree with you…

Right, here we go…Note!! I list the top five in each category but they are not in order within that list, it was too hard to get all hierarchical with them 😦  Also note!!! that this is work in progress, I’m not decided all the category winners as yet, so I’ll be updating it as I…

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