The Journey – Roleplaying All Over Again

I’m 44 years old by now and still know that good, old roleplay had its moments. But that ‘adult RL stuff’ has become quite a burden… 😉 Fact is we are supposed to live an advanced life, not to roleplay aka daydream aka visualize one instead.

Rolling Boxcars

When I was a kid I looked for the crunch in games like AD&D,  Palladium, and  Rune Quest; these games were compelling challenges. I loved trying to figure out the system and creating an adventure in those worlds.  Now 45, at the age of Balloon Mortgages, Recurring Charges, and IRAs, I don’t like to work in my free time and I haven’t played an RPG in years.

Fun times die hard! Even as an adult roleplaying always held a soft spot in my heart.  A year ago with some like-minded friends with a mutual affinity toward geekery, a goal was set and a challenge was made to play a full campaign once and for all.  Strange as it seems, none of us had ever played a long RPG adventure from beginning to end. Each of us had played adventures in multiple worlds and settings but had never completed a campaign from…

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