An old occult rant, best ignored.


Tarot-Occult Note, Lang-8 corrected

© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

Tarot is conceptually portrayed as the ‘toy-version’ of real hermetic magick. While Satanism, Shamanism, Wicca, and many other occult ideologies, along with their pseudos, claim a much better understanding of this magick… Reality has proven that it can challenge everyone, and my occult notes were never about money, nor about seeking attention, aka indulged narcissism.

I consider the triumph of my stalkers to be a beneficial side-effect, as it knocked me into urban homelessness. My ordeal in making it back to a stable lifestyle resulted in my final departure from the occult, and renewed focus on the reality of living. More than two decades of practice never gave me any appreciated results when attempting to pursue my own goals. This reminds me of note which said that finding a woman to die for is much easier than finding a woman worth living with, as it involves denying all the other sexy chicks…

I have a final note for practicing Occultists: Is the Magician-High Priestess, as potential-indicating personality aspect, really the best possible mix? Of course not. It highly depends on who you are, and how your existence is defined by reality. Furthermore, especially in Magick, from where the majority of Instant-Magi & Black Magicians spawn forth, people should know and admit that every card is equally powerful in context, and that the “rest” depends on how skilled we are in making use of them.

I understand that the real spiritual transformation and learning process, usually summarized as Initiation, makes one endure its entirety, including all of its side effects, unexpected results and so forth, for a minimum of one yearly cycle. A yearly cycle is NOT JUST A CALENDAR YEAR! Your ego will not journey like a figure in a boardgame does. Your ego runs through a process, henceforth you cannot decide “I’m going to a certain watch-tower, which only exists because of the master’s (or some author’s) suggestion, or somewhere in my imagination”.

This belief is especially true, when you begin to delve into Druidism, Shamanic or Witchcraft but before getting, or making, an adapted pseudo-hermetic initiation. The hermetic path did not invent initiation, it was just that their initiation practices were so sloppily guarded that elders stole their ideas instead of writing it themselves.

If your “inner voice”, feeling, or instinct already agreed to it, then my only comment is: I hope the hard phase doesn’t hit you like a dagger in the spine. In short, the light and four elements, elements which a number of witch-cults name watch-towers instead, will work their way concerning you. The initiation simply shows, to you and others, both what is beneficial and applicable, as well as what is baleful & delusional, concerning the aspects of your (mostly inner) existence.

Reminder: Real Initiation is a development-process which brain, mind, and central nervous system have to run through. There are no cheats or short-cuts. Considering the fact that nobody begins to practice while in the womb, it is impossible to develop an adept worth entitling in less than ten years of training, meditation, and study. These ten years would include absolutely no distractions by one’s job, girlfriend, family, or anything else! Henceforth a typical adept who lives in a western democracy requires 12 to 20 years to become an independent magus-spawn-mystic-whatever in both theory AND practical competences! Of course my definition is above the traditional-hermetic “adeptus minor”, who is an adept in name mostly, a glorified lackey, or indoctrinated follower, without any real individual achievements. Once should also note, that some achievements alone don’t automatically make one a minor adept.