Tribal Orcs’ Vengeance – Excerpt 2

Totemic Orcs


So Chief Sagebrush had send Gardush to Spirit’s End

The Shaman, Gardush, was to become a Spirit-Friend

White Hand Tribe of Red Orcs was threatened to Death

By an army of riders bringing settlers to the weird West

Gardush wore sacred gear, rattle and tomahawk in hands

Come on out ye coward spirits, or we’ll never be friends!


And strong Manitoba had heard him, as soon was clear to see

The dark elder specter promised to set all who die fighting free


So Gardush learned the warpath knows only gruesome ends

But those who fight with courage will for eternity meet friends


Gardush returned to the tribe sharing the spirit’s decisive news

Don’t ask where to flee, but what weapons you should choose!


The tribe came down on Fort Knightly in that same night

Only Death an option even wives and kids braved to fight