Sherif Thorson – Vikings & Sixguns

This is one excerpt from ‘Lone Stars, Warpstone Sixguns & Red Orc Tomahawks.pdf’. It is befuddled by nostalgia, for so am I.



That Night in Odin’s Belch, down in good ole Texas

Our good Sherif Thorson prepared to make a stand


He would soon die fightin’ with a weapon in his hand

Blue eyes’sight grimly set on the arrivin’ outlaw band


His deputies aside him, them three against the odds

Unafraid of Death they don’t even dodge the shots


The outlaws look upon them, false pride upon true grit

More than one damn outlaw panty fillin’ with warm shit


Rifles & sixguns started blazing, Death came as hot lead

Em three who stood for duty killed a dozen with godspeed


When everything went silent and ’em Valkyries arrived

The settlers proudly ensured that nobody had survived!