Grinding & Farming in 2016, a Note!

Thanks for the warning. Yes I am really blogging about weird topics, and in different moods, straight on the page which was supposed to become my Landing Page for the Ebook I sell. It could have to do with three months not yielding a single customer anyway? 😉


Grinding & Farming in 2016

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Your favorite RPG runs, your customized and well-chosen character is ready to take out whatever bad-guy-boss is hiding behind another legion of cannon-fodder from an estimated five billion spawn-points. That’s the way it is, business as usual, to take-up on a proverb for it.

And while Orcs, Stormtroopers, Stepmothers or Whatsoever die by the dozens it happens: The Boss shows up and you get defeated like a noob Sissy Level 1! Creamed, chance-less defeat, World War 3 all against your Ego!

Many of us have experienced similar. The Unspoken Trauma of the Gamer World. Most of us get lower salaries than programmers, remember the unpaid Modders (Game Module Makers), and we already lost the struggle against the psychologists of the world deciding that we are either preparing another highschool shooting or indulging our inability to get laid… Did anyone else notice they didn’t stop the latter even though the modern generations have their own Gamer Chics, which is Encrypted for Women have long since that day decided to indulge their own right to be Gamers in a spirit of Equality & Stuff.

Still in the core of it all we get into that moment where we are, or seem, abandoned & betrayed by the Game itself. Or worse, when our own instinct, talent, masterplan or feeling becomes invalid and unreliable, as it seems.

Grinding & Farming are terms which describe the process of the not very creative and not very thoughtful process of killing thousands of respawning monsters in an attempt to improve the own character played. Roleplayers play characters, NOT avatars! And RPG means RolePlayingGame, NOT opportunity to pester the world with your talented mixture of elite university sermon plus lack of social skills, btw..

If you are playing an Action RPG, there remains a sad chance that only cheating or grinding will help you along. In full RPG though grinding & farming are damn often (with a minority of noob-programmers remaining) signs that your mind got tired and overlooked the way the game wants to be solved.

Dialogues are one possible way, sometimes it is a side-quest we really didn’t discover. Or a secret area on that one map we really didn’t like. The modern games have more and more learned from the mistakes of older ones and while it often looks the same there are new solutions and innovative concepts, some even help the player instead of advertising more Pay to Play content. 😉

What it comes down to: Even mediocre games can be fun, or at least better than TV, when one gives them a chance, or lacks better alternatives. The most precious asset remains your mind though, even in Action-RPG!

Rest, when you are tired. Calm down, if you are angry or sad. Emotions can sabotage our perceptions, and sometimes the trick to beat the game is in getting a feeling for that ‘special humor’ the programmers considered funny.

Because it is not the Evil Wizard, not the Darkly Death-Knight, not the Alien Emperor, and neither is it the Sixgun Legend which makes the important part. That is us, the gamers, in all those moments we are humorous, benevolent, sociable, cheery, passionate, and busy spreading the good stuff.

“God could save us all, but that Noob is busy with his girlfriend?” 😉

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