Zen in the Art of Perceiving a Woman

Iteki-Freestyle means counting syllables is a waste of time here. Chain-Haiku-Myku, as I honor the roots. Though I don’t comply to them at all. 

I have a pillow to sob into now…


Iteki-Freestyle Haiku-Myku, ahem, I meant: GROAR!

© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

A beautiful woman
with passions of dark, sad origin
rose too high to reach.

My heart’s dark waters
are a trial for the soul,
risky and deceptive.

Faith is a whisper
blowing strongly through my soul,
guiding my way forth.

Honor embodies
the sword of truth, loving hearts
despite of anguished darkness.

In such monastery within,
where the soul humbly dwells
true ascension can be found.

A lone fox barks
in the calm forest night,
what indomitable urge…​​