House Greyjoy Pun – Game of Thrones Poem

” Winter is here, said the gluttonous white walker during the last eclipse – Your iron-throned kingdoms shall get their own zombie-apocalypse!”
Game of Thrones – Crude poem of a Greyjoy vassal
© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved
The iron islands breed a tough folk and many pirate crews
Still to survive we have to be reckless when trouble brews
Rapacious our blood-lust, for which many of us are feared
Our way a pirate-pilgrimage, for the Drowned God steered
House Reaver shunned no Duty, no shame, and no regrets
Ive sired my own children and got into noble ladies’ beds
The golden kingdoms scorn us, with blades and wicked lies
For we do not fall prey to glamour, as we pay the iron price
Dreaming that Kraken guides me and Sharks salute me, too
Faith in our Drowned God, it was damn always proven true
Power, Looting, and Feasting, oh joy, i loved that all the way
Maybe I cannot return, still i really enjoyed my precious stay
I had loyal Captain’s, and gathered many fine sworn swords
If you dare it, like I did, you live and die like highborn lords
From mate to real reaver, lord of my own banner and house
The iron way is often bloody, so I never asked any applause
My daughter came of age, & she straight shanked her old lord
Her cutlass in my guts, as she smiled & kicked me over-board
Spontaneous Remake © Andrè M. Pietroschek, inspired by
Game of Thrones – Ascent
& my favorite Greyjoy Wallpaper at Deviant Art by Tapion32