Roleplay Poem ‘Paladin’

© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved
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I have returned alive from the vile land of Evil in poison and glamour,
Where deception is as strong, as the torture, being chosen to violate;
Torture of diseased whores and debauched feasts without any clamor,
Which make the soul and arm too weak to swing the righteous blade!
So victims baked by the sun, or tormented to extract their liquid pain,
Minions, deformed by Evil’s might, perversions of the just and free;
Evil is its own reward, it has much more than merchant’s coin to gain,
Monstrosity unleashed in a dozen forms to backstab & overcome me!
Still a holy light, from high above, was shining unto my anguished form,
The wisdom from that ordeal has been paid, in blood and outright pain;
Like a ship escaping pirates, back to a safe harbor, I survived the storm,
It was intended to destroy or intimidate, but believers rest to fight again!
A fortnight’s rest on holy ground, so my vigil comes to its awaited end,
Fellow clerics, monks, and paladins have received the news I’ve brought;
Their crimes and sins are horrid, so we enforce that they die or repent,
Vile Evil was unleashed, detected, and soon god-sworn’ll have it caught!
Author Note:
With the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons Paladins finally became free from the ‘Lawful-Good’ Enforcement. Now paladins follow the alignment of the deity who chose them, making the holy warrior class (tank with healing and buff spells) a much more playable… I mean, immature crap, I just read it for the kids…  Nah, true love never dies, and once I loved Roleplay, and Dorkness!