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Greetings, and welcome to my supposed landing page. Please let me start with a legal necessity before listing the purchase links you can buy at: 


No warranties. My prose, rants, and ebooks, are offered solely for personal contemplation purposes. The author and publisher are not offering it as legal, accounting, or other professional services advice. While best efforts have been invested in preparing my stories, excerpts, and poetry along with its sub-context, the author and publisher make no representations or warranties of any kind, and assume no liabilities of any kind with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents and specifically disclaim any implied warranties of safety, functionality, reliability or fitness of use for any specific purpose. Neither the author nor the publisher shall be held liable or responsible to any person or entity with respect to any loss or incidental or consequential damages caused, or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, by the information, prose, ideas, and opinion contained herein. No warranty may be created or extended by sales representatives or written sales materials. Every personality is different and the world-view, moods, prose, and conclusions contained herein may not be suitable for your situation or anyone’s well-being.

Now to the only reason to operate this website: Shortcuts to the cheapest aka most cost-efficient partners, associates, or unaffiliated professionals who sell my ebook, my poetry, and my fiction.

My first ebook – Attempted Poetry via Streetlib:

One sadly serious note: The format issues are a technical problem. Selling enough copies can bypass that, due me paying extra costs, is what I was told. Some format issues can be bypassed (due enlarge or shrink font option, and more) by using readers like: https://icecreamapps.com/Ebook-Reader/     

What is in it: Comments, training poems, my presented cinquain, my acrostic poetry, and some former contest poems. Micro-Poetry & Contextual Poems.

ISBN: 9788892532632
ASIN (Kindle): B019WTUKJA

Attempted Poetry direct links:

  1. Attempted Poetry at google play!
  2. Attempted Poetry from Amazon (Kindle)
  3. Attempted Poetry in the itunes store!


Beyond that the following LINKS lead to new projects I joined:

  1. STvault – Poison what you can’t conquer, improved edition!
  2. Vergifte, was Du nicht für Dich einnehmen kannst!
  3. STvault – Brouhaha, last man standing!
  4. World of Darkness – Shadow-Wrested, story 1
  5. Shadow-Wrested 2
  6. Das Schwarze Auge – Alrik’s dunkler Pfad
  7. Das Schwarze Cthulhu Auge ?
  8. Vampire Dark Ages – My dreams from within Ceoris
  9. Warlock Holmes – Prelude (Work in progress)


And my favorite & finalist: Gift me a coffee or tea!

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